Powerful Web Automation Software by simply dragging and dropping.

Automate anything on the web, no programming experience required!

What Can You Do With BuildABot?

BuildABot Studio is professional Bot Creation Software that allows you to create powerful web automation bots to simplify your workflow. Whether you are building bots to aid in SEO, linkbuilding, to automate social media, or simply creating bots to sell to other, BuildABot Studio is for you.

We created BuildABot Studio to help business owners increase their productivity through automation. To that end, BuildABot was designed such that no programming experience is required to build powerful professional web automation software.

You can create web automation, data extraction software, web browser automation, seo automation software, and more with BuildABot Studio.


With BuildABot, no programming experience is needed to build web automation software, simply drag and drop commands with our super user-friendly interface.


BuildABot Studio users can create web automation software to automate tedious SEO and linkbuilding related tasks in minutes to save thousands of hours. No Programming Required.


BuildABot Studio can automate web scraping and data harvesting on the web.


Build bots to automate social media functions such as liking, following, replying, messaging and more! Anything you can do manually in the web browser, BuildABot Studio can automate.


Made a useful bot that saves you tons of time? With BuildABot Studio, you can encrypt and sell your own web automation programs to anyone.


Save and Share your software to the cloud, use software others have shared on the BotCloud.

BuildABot Studio Tutorial Video - Automate Wordpress.com Account Creation

This video teaches you how to automate wordpress.com account creation with BuildABot Studio.

BuildABot Studio Tutorial Video - Automate Web Scraping

Building a web scraper in 5 minutes with BuildABot Studio. Please change video settings to 1080 HD for best quality.

Why use BuildABot Studio

Often its necessary to perform repetitive tasks in the web browser, when performing seo and link building tasks such as filling in forms or finding and saving data from a webpage. These tasks can take a long time and after a while they can become tedious. BuildABot Studio allows you to create macros that can save you time by your work.

BuildABot Studio can also save you money, since it gives you the power to create standalone web automation programs, without having to learn how to program or pay a software developer to create automation software for you. If you've ever needed to create multiple accounts on a webpage, scrape data from a website, input large amounts of data into a website, then you know how time consuming this process can be. BuildABot Studio allows you to create programs by allowing you to perform these actions once, and then save the program so that it can be run again automatically. If you've ever needed to hire a developer to create automated solutions to save you time, you know how expensive it can be, and you can never be sure if their software will be on time or on budget. BuildABot Studio gives you the power to never have to hire a developer again. And while its powerful enough to create high quality automation software, you don't need to learn any programming language to use it. All you need to know how to do is Drag and drop. Its that easy.


Custom Bot Development Service
  • Need a custom Bot built for you? No problem. .
  • Don't have time to build your own bots? Let us build it for you.
  • Save time, by letting our experienced developers build your custom bots to suite your business needs.

BuildABot Studio
$19.99 / month
  • Unlimited access to our FREE bot creation guides.
  • Unlimited FREE BotCloud Access. (Free Pre-built bots you can use or modify)
  • Unlimited access to the BuildABot Community Forum

BuildABot empowers small businesses.

We designed BuildABot to be easy to use, fun and intuitive. But more than that we designed BuildABot Studio to save small business owners time and money.