Table of Contents

Overview of The BuildABot Studio User Interface. 1

The Browser Area. 1

The Scripting Area. 2

The Commands Toolbox Area. 2

Commands and Variables. 2

Manage Account Details. 3

Create Account Details. 3

Browser Commands. 4

Clear Cache. 4

Change Browser. 5

Wait 10 Seconds. 6

Keyboard Emulation. 7

Goto Web Address. 8

Change Proxy. 8

UI Commands. 9

Popup Message. 9

Input Box. 9

Variable Commands. 9

Create Variable. 9

Evaluate. 9

Add Number to Variable. 9

Make List. 9

Create Random Number. 10

Spin. 10

Flow Commands. 10

Check If. 10

Else. 10

Else If. 10

End Check If’ 10

Create Label 10

Jump to Label 10

Jump to Label If. 10

Add Comment. 10

File Commands. 10

Save Variable to File. 10

Load List from File. 10

Load Variable from File. 10

Advanced. 11

VB.Net Code. 11



Overview of The BuildABot Studio User Interface

The BuildABot Studio user interface is composed of three areas:


The Browser Area

The Browser window allows you to interact with webpage elements, by dragging and dropping them into the scripting area.

The Scripting Area

The Scripting area is where commands are dragged and dropped from Toolbox and webpage element are dragged and dropped from the Browser area.

The Commands Toolbox Area

Within the Commands Toolbox you will find the commands and variables needed to create your bots.

Commands and Variables


Manage Account Details

Create Account Details

This command creates random account details that can be used in your bots. This commands assigns values to all of the variables in the “Get Account Details” Section.

After Dragging and Dropping the Create Account Details Command into the Scripting Area, press the OK button to add this command to your script.

Browser Commands

Clear Cache

The Clear Cache Command allows you to clear your bot’s browser cache and cookies.

Pressing OK will add this command to your script.

Change Browser

The Change Browser command allows you to change your bot’s browser to a number of different browsers. To add this command to your bot, select the appropriate browser user-agent string and press the OK button.

Wait 10 Seconds

The Wait command pauses the script for 10 seconds. You can add multiple Wait commands to pause the script for a longer duration.

Keyboard Emulation

The Keyboard Emulation command allows your bot to emulate human keyboard presses into particular HTML elements. Input the HTML Element, identifier of the HTML Element and the value to type.

Goto Web Address

Allows your bot to navigate to a web address.

Change Proxy

Allows your bot to changes its proxy server settings.


UI Commands

Popup Message

Creates a popup message dialog window.

Input Box

Presents the user with a pop up dialog window that asks for input. Enter the message to be presented to the user and the name of the variable to save the user input value into.

Variable Commands

Create Variable

Creates or Changes a variable. Variables values be strings of text or numbers.


Evaluates a mathematical expression and saves the result of the calculation to a variable.

Add Number to Variable

Adds a number to a variable. Can be used to quickly increment a variable when used in loops.

Make List

Creates a list from a variable with comma separated values.

Create Random Number

Creates a random number and saves the value to a variable.


Automatically spins a variable’s value using spintax.

Flow Commands

Check If

Checks if a number variable is =,<,>,<=,>=,<> (not equal to) a number or another variable. OR it checks if a string variable is = or <> (not equal to) another string of text.


If the condition checked with the Check If command is false, commands placed between the Else command and the End Check If command are executed

Else If

Creates an alternative condition to check. It is used in the same manner as, and in conjunction with the Check If command.

End Check If’

Ends the check if block of instructions.

Create Label

Creates a point in your script that can be jumped to using the Jump to Label or Jump to Label If command.

Jump to Label

Allows your bot to jump to a particular location in your script, defined by the Create Label command.

Jump to Label If

Jumps to a label if a particular string of text is found on a webpage.

Add Comment

Adds a comment in your script. It is an inert command.

File Commands

Save Variable to File

Saves the value of a variable to a file. If the file does not exist, it is created and if it does exist then the save variable to file command appends the variable to the file’s contents.

Load List from File

Loads file with comma separated values into a list.

Load Variable from File

Loads the entire contents of a file into a string variable.


VB.Net Code

Allows for advanced bot creation by using language code. To access the Browser window call “Browser”. For example the following code would change the web address in the browser: